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Meet the providers of Pizza Orgánika

Welcome once again to the Pizza Orgánika blog! Today we present to you for the first time a special tribute to all the suppliers with whom we work day by day in our ecological pizzeria at home, and who, like us, help spread a philosophy of organic food.

In this article you will know the origin of our natural ingredients, which we use to make each of the organic pizzas that we distribute in the city of Barcelona.

Proveedores de Pizza Orgánika

To date, we have collaborated with different organic suppliers dedicated to offering our own organic food. Each of them was carefully chosen, based on their sustainable practices in the environment and their products, which you will discover below:


Mesbio is a Catalan company that distributes natural organic food of its own origin and from certified farmers throughout Catalonia. They are specialized in fruits, vegetables, dairy and other farm products, which we use to make the main ingredients of our classic and gourmet pizzas.


It is a traditional agricultural holding dedicated to the production of organic dairy products throughout Catalonia. All the organic cheeses they produce follow sustainable procedures that protect and respect the environment and animals, without using fertilizers or industrial products in their production.


Statafactory is a Catalan organic pastry specialized in the production and distribution of cakes traditionally made with natural products without chemical additives. All the products they make follow an eco-friendly protocol guaranteeing their natural origin. Some of its most delicious cakes can be found in our desserts.


It is one of the most important Catalan non-industrial livestock farming companies, which are certified for using responsible and ecological practices with the animals and meat they produce. Some of its select meats are used as the main ingredients in our most popular organic pizzas, such as Watson and Vulcano.


Italian suppliers famous for making the best pasta with organic wheat, free of chemical compounds following a quality natural fertilization process. Its extraordinary flavor can be found in the dough of all our organic pizzas at home, which we bake daily to preserve all its traditional Italian flavor.


Veritas is a chain of organic supermarkets, which has exclusive distribution stores throughout Spain. All the natural products that they commercialize follow a biosafety protocol that guarantees their authenticity and origin.


Ocean52 is an international beverage company characterized by the use of 100% organic biodegradable packaging. Its main philosophy is to raise awareness of the importance of the oceans, donating part of its profits to the protection of marine ecosystems, through NGOs or its own ambassadors.

As you can see, all the suppliers of Pizza Orgánika are an essential part of our philosophy of healthy organic food, through this post we want to thank you for all your support and work to help us offer quality 100% organic pizzas to our customers.



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