Organika Pizza

Organika pizza, a pizza like no other

Are you hungry to try something different? Organika pizza, as its name suggests, is an organic pizza that lives up to the name of our home delivery pizzeria. In today’s post we want to dedicate a small tribute to her where we will show you all the details about her.

Like all the specialties that we serve in our pizza menu, Orgánika is an organic pizza made with ingredients of natural origin and only from eco-certified suppliers.

If you have never heard about the benefits of organic food, on our blog you can find different articles related to its most important properties.

A select and natural pizza

Pizza Orgánika is an Italian pizza made with a handmade dough and 100% natural ingredients. It is a vegetarian pizza made with tomato, mozzarella, arugula, cherry tomato and Parmesan cheese.

This classic pizza purely represents the eco philosophy of our pizzeria, as it was one of the first organic pizzas that we created for our menu. Its natural essence has captivated many of our customers and today one of our pizza masters will show you how Organika pizza is made step by step:

Its dough, its texture, its aroma and its flavor will be a temptation for those who are looking for quality delicacies at a very good price. Due to this series of characteristics, organika pizza is one of the most popular vegetarian pizzas that we serve at home in Barcelona.

As you have seen in our previous video, the personality of this vegetarian pizza is transmitted in its preparation from its crunchy dough to the fresh ingredients that accompany it.

A treat for the palate that you can only enjoy in our pizzeria in Barcelona and from the comfort of your home!

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