Why organika is a healthy alternative?

Pizza Orgánika is a new concept of ecological pizzeria that is committed to the healthy consumption of natural ingredients without added artificial components. We want to help take care of you! That is why all our products are made daily in an artisanal way and with the best fresh ingredients.

Why are all of your pizzas organic?

Apart from having quality natural ingredients for our dishes, we also want to take care of the environment. All the ingredients we use are cultivated with the best care, thus preserving their original condition.

Do you offer pizzas for veggies?

Within our pizza menu you can find different options for «veggies» although we have the vegetarian and vegan varieties, you can also customize yours!

Do you offer pizzas gluten free?

Yes, we offer pizzas without added gluten in the dough, in addition to other options for vegetarians and vegans.

May I eat in your Pizzeria?

Yes of course! Also if you wish, you can order pizzas to take away or request a delivery to your own home.

Do you have special menus with promotion?

We currently offer two types of individual menus * to share with whoever you want:

Sweet tooth (€ 19.90): Menu for the most select! Choose your pizza with a maximum of 4 ingredients + 2 desserts + 2 drinks

Healthy (€ 17.90): Menu for the healthiest! Choose the salad you want + a pizza with a maximum of 4 ingredients + 2 drinks

* Not included in gourmet pizzas.

How can I find out about your promotions?

Visit the “special promotions” section or subscribe to our web form to be aware of our news, as well as our new offers.

How can I contact you?

You can contact us using any of our forms, through our social network profiles, or by calling our phone.