ofertas pizzas ecológicas

Special offers for all our organic pizzas

We welcome you all to our Pizza Orgánika blog! There is less and less left for us to overcome the crisis of COVID19, we can return to normality and leave the confinement behind.

In these last weeks of spring we want to accompany you once again with special offers, which you can enjoy at home with whoever you want and enjoy the best plan during the week: Sofa, movie and Orgánika.

Sounds very appetizing, right?

Learn about our special offers and promotions

Regardless of the type of pizza you choose or customize, all the pizzas we offer are made daily with the best natural ingredients, respecting the quality of the natural products offered by our organic suppliers.

All of the above promotions are compatible for artisan pizzas that contain 4 or more ingredients. In the event that you decide to order your pizza at home, the delivery will be made following the established safety and hygiene protocols.

Did you know?

Pizza Orgánika only offers organic pizzas made from 100% fresh products from certified producers, which do not use any type of artificial additives in their products. Unlike conventional Italian pizzerias, we believe that consuming pizzas in a healthy and sustainable way is possible.

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