Pizza Orgánika

Pizza Orgánika was born in 2018 in the Sarrià-Sant Gervasi district of Barcelona.

Ever since we opened our organic pizzeria, we have always differentiated Pizza Orgánika from conventional pizzerias as a healthier alternative to fast food.

Pizza Orgánika’s Italian baked pizzas are made with only 100% organic ingredients, to provide a healthy, high-quality diet.

About our organic pizzas

In our menu you will find more than 25 recipes for thin dough pizza from 2 to 6 ingredients, and thick dough cut pizza, with different customization options and alternative food varieties such as vegan pizzas, vegetarian pizzas and gluten-free pizzas.

We bake our dough in an artisanal way as in traditional Italian pizzerias, fermenting the fine dough for more than 6 hours and the thick dough for more than 24 hours, in order to offer an optimal digestion.

Thanks to this process, we can offer you all kinds of pizzas to accompany any plan: from the sofa in your home, whether you are enjoying a good series on Netflix, after returning from the gym or after a long day of work.

With our organic pizzas at home, you will enjoy the good taste and authenticity of the Italian product that you can accompany with a variety of fresh salads and delicious cakes made daily under the same essence: use top quality ingredients.

Times are changing, food is evolving and now the health of the consumer is above all else, join the philosophy!


And now that you know who we are, take advantage of our offers and promotions with free home delivery.

Pizza organika