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Accompany or combine our natural pizzas with a delicious selection of organic à la carte accessories. Take care with our natural salads, refresh yourself with our drinks or melt with our irresistible desserts.


Prepared daily with the best fresh ingredients so you can enjoy its flavor and naturalness!

The imperator's favorite!

Ingredients: Mézclum, Iberian, feta cheese, black olives and cherry tomato.

A tropical trip!

Ingredients: Kale, sweet potato, sunflower seeds and dried blueberries.

Kale Salat


Healthy if not more!

Ingredients: Lettuce, arugula, cherry tomato, goat cheese, walnuts and balsamic.

Ecological Desserts

Made by hand with the most irresistible ingredients for the palate!

This month: Amanda!

Ingredients: vanilla sponge cake, dulce de leche, cream topping and meringue.

To melt!

Ingredients: The authentic flavor of organic chocolate.

The sin of chocolate!

Ingredients: With Nutella … Lots of Nutellaaaa !!


Ideal to accompany your meal with refreshing soft drinks and / or delicious beers!

Protect the oceans!

Mineral spring water.



Soda Time!

Soda with lemon flavor and without caffeine.



The flavor that accompanies you!

Refreshing Damm Lemon beer.