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Origin and curiosities of Hawaiian pizza

The reputation of Hawaiian pizza is the main reason for its popularity, whether in its favor or against it, it is one of the most curious pizzas to taste in any type of pizzeria, especially for its exotic ingredients such as pineapple.

Many times all the dishes that we consume daily in restaurants and pizzerias have a fascinating story behind that is disproved by some popular myths. It is for this reason that today you will learn about the origins and curiosities of Hawaiian Pizza.

A pizza with a particular taste!

Hawaiian Pizza Background

AContrary to popular belief, this pizza does not come from Hawaii or any exotic island in the Caribbean, but rather its origins are in America and Europe, specifically in Germany and Canada. According to the popular lore of the country, this fruit pizza is inspired by the Hawaiian toast that became popular during the 1960s.

hawaiian toast origins of hawaiian pizza

A West German specialty that shares many Hawaiian pizza ingredients like pineapple, tomato, and cheese. However, the credit for its discovery is due to Sam Panopoulos, a renowned Greek chef, lover of Italian cuisine, who invented it by chance in 1960 when he tried unsuccessfully to combine a pineapple with a hamburger.

Thanks to this failed experiment, his pizzeria restaurant (satellite restaurant) popularized this dish in Canada and later it was introduced into North American cuisine. The name “Hawaiian” in the words of Panopoulos himself comes from the brand of canned pineapple that they used to make the first pizza of this type with his brothers. The chef considered that the word “Hawaiian” was a name with a commercial hook to sell it.

Sam panapoulos creator Hawaiian pizza

3 incredible curiosities of Hawaiian pizza

australia country

Australia the country of Hawaiian lovers

According to various surveys such as that of the American PMQ magazine, more than 70% of the Australian population loves this delicacy. It is estimated that in 1999 the sales of Hawaiian pizzas at home increased more than 15% in the country since the publication of the study.

According to trade statistics for 2017, more than 15% of total pizza sales produced in Australia correspond to Hawaiian pizza.

A double-edged electoral weapon

On one occasion the Icelandic President Guðni Th. Jóhannesson during one of his lectures at Akureyri school had to answer an unusual question from the audience about his position on Hawaiian pizza. The politician himself literally clarified that he did not like this type of pizza and that if he could, he would ban it.

This type of debate was used in his 2017 election campaign as a form of propaganda on social media. Logically it generated a discord among voters, where many supported his proposal to ban it. This war against Hawaiian pizza was echoed around the world and even Panapoulos himself replied.

President of iceland banned Hawaiian pizza

Dedicated songs

As incredible as the song Nick Jonas of the band “Jonas brothers” may seem, he dedicated a song to Hawaiian pizza in 2017. The content of his song is a tribute to all the social controversy that is in it.

Later other bands such as Ohsobrkn and The Slothys made their own musical versions of Hawaiian pizza adding the humorous touch of this peculiar reputation.

Hasta aquí las historias y curiosidades de la pizza hawaiana. Esperamos que este post te haya sido de ayuda para descubrir más cosas sobre el fascinante mundo de las pizzas. Si eres un amante de esta pizza extraordinaria, no dejes pasar la oportunidad de probar nuestra pizza hawaiana ecológica en Orgánika.

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So far the stories and curiosities of Hawaiian pizza. We hope this post has been helpful to you to discover more about the fascinating world of pizzas. If you are a lover of this extraordinary pizza, don’t miss the opportunity to try our organic Hawaiian pizza at Orgánika.

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