7 ecological pizzas in Barcelona

7 Pizzas to fully enjoy the Euro League 2020

Do not miss any match in Spain and discover the 7 eco pizzas to enjoy quality football matches and share with whomever you want!

In these last weeks, the football matches of UEFA Euro 2020 are going to get red hot. Starting next week the quarter-finals will be played, a decisive league day when we will once again enjoy every moment, every play, every goal together with our ardent soccer passion.

7 pizzas to enjoy the euroleague 2020

Why choose Orgánika?

Pizza Orgánika, unlike conventional home delivery pizzerias, only uses organic ingredients from certified suppliers, in addition all our Italian pizzas are prepared daily by our pizza makers, making them unique for the palate of each client.

Also within our pizza menu you can also find vegan, vegetarian and gluten-free options.

The selection of artisan pizzas that we will show you below has been chosen based on the popularity and tastes of our customers. If you also want to be aware of our offers and news, do not forget to subscribe to our newsletter!

Peccata pizza

Pizza peccata organic pizzeria barcelona

One of the gourmet pizzas with an explosive combination of spicy chorizo and quality bacon. Without a doubt one of the pizzas that you cannot miss, if you like combinations of different flavors.

Margherita pizza

Margherita Pizza

The most classic pizza on our menu! If you want to go for a safe and fast option, the Margarita pizza will not disappoint. Its flavor combines very well with almost any other dish or pizza.

Prosciutto e funghi pizza

Pizza Prosciutto e fungui

Neapolitan specialty par excellence. This type of Pizza contains typical Mediterranean ingredients along with a good selection of mushrooms.

Vulcano pizza

Vulcano Pizza

If you are a meat lover and you like spicy flavor, this pizza is perfect for you. A gourmet pizza only suitable for the most daring lovers of discovering new flavors.

4 formaggi pizza

formaggi pizza

Do you love the taste of cheese? If your answer is yes, then you have discovered the best pizza on our menu. Quality organic cheeses are waiting to taste your palate!

Orgázmika pizza

Orgazmika Pizza

As its name indicates, this classic pizza is “the pleasure of flavors on our menu” and a recommendation to share in a group par excellence.

Carbornara pizza

Carbonara Pizza

To finish a classic among classics! Pizza Carbonara is a succulent specialty for any self-respecting palate. Its variety of ingredients and flavors are very compatible to accompany other pizzas.

Offers that you must let us escape

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Here comes the quintet!

Best for the duo!

So far our article dedicated to 7 Pizzas to fully enjoy Euro 2020. From Pizza Orgánika we wish you a good day in the league and for many more moments that we can share inside or outside our pizzeria at home in Barcelona.

See you in the next post!

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