Customizable pizzas at home

pizzes personalitzades a domicili

Hello everyone again to Pizza Orgánika! The post that we bring you today, we have dedicated to the most creative people who like to imagine, innovate, create and above all try different tastes than conventional pizzas. To all of you, we will introduce you to the customizable pizzas that our pizzeria at home in Barcelona offers.

Before anything…

Pizza Orgánika only offers pizzas made from 100% organic and fresh products from certified producers, who do not use any type of artificial additives in their products. Unlike conventional Italian pizzerias, we believe that consuming pizzas in a healthy and sustainable way is possible.

Do you already know us? You can learn more about us and our pizzeria in the previous article, or by visiting the section of our website “About us”.

And now….

It's time to talk about our customizable Pizzas!

In our menu you will find some recommendations for classic Italian pizzas and gourmet pizzas with their own touch, as well as varieties of gluten-free pizzas, vegan and vegetarian pizzas. Although they are only starting recommendations, you have the possibility to personalize them and / or combine them with a selection of more than 24 fresh ingredients in a quick and simple way.

There are two formats to choose from:

Mixed Pizza

It is a pizza with two different halves in the same dough: The ideal option to share flavors!

Customized Pizza

A pizza complete with the same ingredients and textures: your own personal touch with natural organic essence!


In summary:

Just choose the ingredients you want and we will do the rest!

Now there are no limits to unleash your imagination! and try new original flavors of your own creation. Just choose the ingredients from our menu that interest you the most and enjoy them without worrying about cooking or preparing any plan. Make the pizza combinations you want

Do you feel like trying? You can create your own pizza, by clicking here, all the pizzas you order have the option to take away or free delivery to your home. If you feel like it, you can share with us and the others your ingenious pizza creations. They will surely go down in history!

We see you in the next post!

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