Pizza Orgánika a new healthy concept of Pizzeria has arrived in Barcelona

Pizza orgánika pizzas ecológicas

Hello everyone! Today we inaugurate our official blog and to launch this new section, we would like to share with you an article dedicated to our organic pizzeria Orgánika.

It is a fact that Italian pizzas have long been popularized in Barcelona as a typical specialty of Italian cuisine.

An ideal food to share any special occasion in a group or in company, however, despite its nutritional properties, pizzas have been labeled as a variant of fast food delivery.

It is common for pizzas to be considered as such, as the origin of the ingredients is unknown and with the rise of processed foods that influence the quality of the dough and its components.

Pizza orgánika pizzas ecológicas

The path to naturalness is already here!

Given this deserved reputation, at Pizza Orgánika we want to change the fame of artisan pizzas, we believe that a new concept of pizzeria is possible. For this reason and unlike conventional pizzerias in Barcelona,

we are committed to the naturalness of the ingredients to preserve their flavor and offer a healthy appearance as a food purely related to quality Italian cuisine.

Since 2018 we have worked to make this possible and many of our clients endorse our organic pizzas, suitable for all types of consumption and tastes. We also offer a varied menu of organic pizzas to enjoy at home or in our organic pizzeria.

The varieties we offer at orgánika’s:

Classic pizzas: A selection of traditional and famous pizzas with a purely natural flavor and made daily at our organic Pizzeria in Barcelona.

Pizza veganaPizza orgánika pizzas ecológicasPizza Organika

Do not miss it!

Gourmet pizzas: A selection of Italian pizzas made of more than 4 ingredients with a properly artisan touch. All of them have been created to delight the most demanding palates or who are looking for a different flavor than classic pizzas.

Pizza Josefina
Pizza Vulcano
Pizza Watson

DIscover it!

Personalized pizzas and two halves: Creative pizzas with your own style with more than 24 ingredients to choose from. You put the ingredients and we put the dough!

Pizza mitades crea tu pizza personalizada

Customize your own pizza now!

Today we continue and will faithfully follow our food philosophy with our Italian specialties and we will always bet on consumer health, first of all defending the ecological and organic origin of our food.

Do you want to know what they say about us?

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