7 pizzas to enjoy the euroleague 2020

Refresh your summer with organic pizzas from Orgánika

Do you want to try something different in this hot summer? The eco pizzas at home from our Barcelona pizzeria are an irresistible specialty even for the most demanding palates. If you want to try a different flavor to traditional Italian pizzerias, don’t miss our selection of the most refreshing Italian pizzas to sweeten your summer.

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Hawaian pizza

Hawaiana Pizza

The most tropical pizza on our pizza menu par excellence. Although there are many opinions for and against it, the pineapple flavor will not disappoint you. An ideal option to share or mix with the other pizzas.

Julieta pizza

Eco Julieta pizza organika

A gourmet pizza with delicious pear flavor mixed with cheese and mozzarella. If you are looking to try a completely different specialty from the rest, Julieta will enchant you.

Orgánika pizza

Organika Pizza

Our flagship and best known pizza. The mixture of its eco free-range ingredients will transport the naturalness of its flavors to your palate. A 100% nutritional light pizza recommended for vegetarians and veggies.

Marinara pizza

Marinara Pizza

An extraordinary flavor accompanied by spicy and salty ingredients. A delicious seafood pizza!

Napolitan pizza

Napolitana Pizza

A classic Italian pizza with all the classic flavor of Italy. If you are looking for a pizza of traditional origin, this is the best decision. You will love its olives and anchovies!

Greek pizza

Eco Greek pizza

The perfect combination of the best Mediterranean ingredients. A Hellenic pizza that will transport you to new sensations never seen before.

Vegan pizza

Vegan Pizza

This 100% natural pizza is one of the best choices for veggies and vegans. Its fresh vegetables are the best composition of its main ingredients. A delight!

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