Benefits of organic food at home

Welcome back to our Pizza Orgánika blog! Spring has begun and with it new changes are coming for everyone. The article that we will present to you today, we have dedicated to organic food and together with you we will discover its effects on our health.

As you well know, those of you who already know us, all the ingredients that we use in our organic pizzas at home are of organic origin and that is why we believe that it is important to make known what you consume.

What is considered organic food?

It is any type of food or product that is free of artificial and chemical additives and comes from a completely natural environmental environment. It is food that has not undergone any type of artificial process by humans.

“Eco food” is also known by other names such as organic food, organic food, healthy food, natural food … Terms that completely define their food philosophy and the type of procedures they use.

Unlike the products that we usually buy in the supermarket, it is a food trend that seeks more responsible and environmentally friendly consumption, preserving the naturalness of food.

What is said about organic food today?

Currently there are dozens of articles, news and official studies such as Environmental Health that fully analyze this type of consumption in a conventional diet and its effects on health.

In contrast to conventional foods, organic foods have the advantage:

  • Natural production outside of contaminated industrial environments.
  • Greater number of vitamins, antioxidants and nutrients for the body.
  • Better conservation and protection of the environment.
  • Safety of the elements used without artificial waste.
  • Better quality of life for plants and animals.
  • Freshness and flavor.

But pay attention!

One of the examples of these benefits can be found in a prestigious study carried out at the University of Washington in 2010 with organic strawberries. The study results showed that cultivated strawberries contained more pure nutrients than greenhouse strawberries and a better flavor.

Organic food delivery

If you want to give organic food a chance during confinement

We invite you to taste our organic pizzas, you will undoubtedly discover a difference to conventional pizzerias with a more “healthy” touch at a better price and quality.

Pizza gourmet

So far we say goodbye until the next article. We take this opportunity to send everyone a message of encouragement from Pizza Organika and we thank you for the great effort you are making, staying home. This will soon pass!

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