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Hello everyone, back to Pizza Orgánika! In today’s article we want to share with you some of the reviews written by some digital media and portals dedicated to the world of gastronomy in Barcelona such as Plate Selector, ComoExplicArte and Timeout about our organic pizzeria at home.

Since the last months of December and January we have been interviewed by various media in the sector to spread the concept of “healthy” of our pizzeria at home in Barcelona and our organic pizzas made with natural and organic ingredients from trusted suppliers such as Mesbio, Erredevic and Veritas .

Unlike today’s fast food, we believe that artisan Italian pizzas can be one of the most complete nutritious foods in any diet, if eaten occasionally without the prejudice of worrying about empty calories.

The commitment of the Pizzería Orgánika team goes beyond offering healthy pizzas at home, we want to protect the environment and preserve the provenance of our ingredients to reduce the use of polluting materials in our packaging such as plastic and promote the use of renewable materials to preserve the environment.

Those who have written about the Orgánika pizzeria

Plate Selector

It is a current digital dissemination platform that since 2013 has been publishing news related to the gastronomic sector.

The article dedicated to us by Ivan M. Frutos and Alba Obradors with the title “LET THE PANIC NOT SPREAD, THE PIZZA IS ORGANIKA” perfectly introduces our commitment to change the popular conception that pizzas are foods associated with fast food.

pizzas orgánikas

In your article you will find a reference to our home-based Pizzeria in Barcelona and the type of cuisine and artisan pizzas we serve in Sarrià. We take this opportunity to thank you for your honest article about us and we encourage you to read it.


It is a gastro-cultural space created by the journalist Gemma Ribera whose mission is to act as a dissemination platform dedicated to promoting the culture, art and gastronomy of Spain.

The article uploaded by Gemma Ribera with the title “The ‘foodie’ dream: healthy pizza (and delivery) in Sarrià” is dedicated to our organic products, organic pizzas and our special 100% natural fermented artisan dough.

In your review you will discover everything you need to know about our organic pizzas to take away or at home and the type of organic food that you will find in Orgánika pizzeria. We want to take this moment to congratulate Gemma for her good article on our ecological pizzas that clearly transmits our commitment.

Time Out

It is one of the most popular online magazines in the digital environment with many sections dedicated to leisure and culture in large cities such as Barcelona, Madrid, London or New York.

The article written by the editorial staff of Time Out Barcelona with the title “Sabores ‘healthy’ en Pizza Orgánika” presents our organic pizzeria and its possibilities of personalizing our artisan pizzas with a menu of more than 25 pizza recipes to choose from, in addition to our healthy salads and homemade desserts.

Organika Pizza

In his article you will be able to discover the varieties of the original pizzas that we serve in our store, in addition to the possibilities of personalizing the pizzas and the options that our ecological pizzeria offers for vegans and vegetarians. From Pizza Orgánika we thank you for your good article.

Up to here we leave our article of collaborations, we hope you liked it and that in this way you can get to know us better.

And what do you think about Pizzería Orgánika?

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